After a long and arduous selection process, McGill University has finally chosen a new name for its men's sports teams. The new McGill men's sports teams name announcement comes a year after the controversy surrounding their former name, the "Redmen," came to a head.

Indigenous students had long called the name racist and the university ultimately decided to retire it.

Today, McGill students have a new, non-racist team to cheer for: the Redbirds! 

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The Redbirds rose to the forefront for its strong links to both the past and present of McGill Athletics and Recreation.

Fabrice Labeau, co-chair of the Men’s Varsity Teams Naming Committee

The "Redbirds" is a reference to McGill's history, according to the university's naming committee. 

"These links include its past use as the name of several McGill sports clubs, teams and events," such as the university's ski club and baseball team, which were once called the "Redbirds."

Over 1,200 submissions were received during the selection process. 

"I have little doubt that the men’s varsity athletes will continue to achieve greatness as they write this next chapter," said Hubert T. Lacroix, co-chair of the Men’s Varsity Teams Naming Committee.

"Our varsity teams are a vital part of the McGill community and experience, and I am confident this new name is one that we can all be proud of."

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