Montreal's transit company is on a salty streak! In its effort to continue promoting the use of masks, the STM released mask-themed horoscopes for everyone on Thursday... and it really didn't hold back.

The STM is going in when it comes to its ads for mask-wearing. In August, it released a snarky video showing how NOT to wear a mask on its network.

The tongue-in-cheek horoscopes don't exactly translate well and some of the humour is lost, but here's a rough English version.

  • Aries: "A mask isn't going to stop me from charging for it!"

  • Taurus: "I have 24 others just as cool in my collection!"

  • Gemini: "It's funny, huh? I made it myself!"

  • Cancer: "I can get by even more unnoticed. It's perfect!"

  • Leo: "My mask is prettier than yours!"

  • Virgo: No translation possible. Just watch this video....

  • Libra: "It took me two hours to choose this one!"

  • Scorpio: "No one can see me make faces with this thing!"

  • Sagittarius: "I'm a masked hero who's gonna punch out the virus!"

  • Capricorn: "For someone so perfect, it suits me perfectly!"

  • Aquarius: "I am anti-virus and pro-mask, does it show?"

  • Pisces: "I feel like a fish in the water!"

Let's hope this turns into a weekly series.

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