With winter on its way, it's time to start planning for how to survive the cold season and Montreal's STM is providing its wisdom on the subject.

Since we all know snow and ice can cause major delays on Quebec roads during the cold season, the STM shared advice on how to prepare for such by giving five tips.

The first one is to "carefully plan your route and find out about alternatives," which you can do so by using its trip planning tool.

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The next is to check the status of the transit service you're using, which you can do by looking at Twitter updates, calling 514-AUTOBUS, or checking real-time occupancy updates on its website.

Another piece of advice given is one that seems rather obvious but many of us often forget: "allow for more time" since buses can often be slower in the winter.

The fourth tip provided by the STM to help you get through travelling in the winter is to buy your transit fare ahead of time.

Lastly, keep your OPUS close by. "Validation of transit fares has to be done quickly when boarding, the seconds saved at each stop can make a difference on your arrival time."

Now, you know how to get through the cold months!

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