Corey Shapiro is a local icon with an ever-growing global presence. The founder and CEO of Vintage Frames is constantly looking for ways to outdo himself and his new store is just another ode to his creativity and ambition. Tucked away at 4873 rue Notre-Dame Ouest is one of the most extravagant shops in the city. It will officially open its doors to the public on July 2, 2020, but I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the new flagship.

As a sunglass fanatic, I have been following Corey Shapiro's career for years and I am constantly impressed by his talent and captivating charisma.

From his array of celebrity clients to his larger than life personality and sunglass selection, Shapiro is the eyewear king.

Upon entering the store, you will feel like you've died and entered the pearly gates of sunglass heaven. The crisp white floors, clean design, and classic Shapiro touches make this store a must-see for locals and tourists, alike — there is truly nothing like it in Montreal.

Shapiro told MTL Blog that his intention for the new store was to "create an environment and experience fit for Sir Elton John" — the CEO's style icon and one of the reasons why he fell in love with the eyewear industry.

Elton's "eccentric style reinvigorated the optical industry and made eyewear fun again," Shapiro said.

Elton John's residency in Vegas was the inspiration for this St-Henri store, "mixing Greek and Roman design cues such as columns and marble with modern touchpoints of LED lighting and AR visuals to create more than just a trip to an optical store, but an experience."

The store even boasts a sleek white grand piano in the middle of the floor.

Shapiro hopes to see the glam rockstar "blessing the keys one day in the heart of St-Henri."

It took many collaborators to bring Shapiro's unique vision to life.

"We worked in conjunction with Italo, from Anonymous Design, to create some of the most spectacular design raisings I have ever seen."

Under the guidance of Michael Nehemiah, of N Form construction, he also collaborated with Kasselwood Fabricators and Something Neon.

It took a village for this masterpiece to come to fruition, and the results are worth all the hard work. 

You are almost guaranteed to fall in love with a pair of shades when entering this sunglass Mecca.

This procured collection is stocked with more than one million unique glasses, all of which are available for purchase in the store.

Vintage Frames eyewear is both designed and finished here in Montreal.

It claims to have the largest archive of vintage eyewear in the entire world, making the flagship store, L’Archive, a one-of-a-kind experience.

When asked what inspired him to create this store, Shapiro told us that as he travelled around the world purveying vintage eyewear and producing his namesake frames, VF by Vintage Frames, he was "blessed to see some of the greatest stores and experiences across the globe."

He wanted to bring that kind of spectacle to Quebec.

"Due to the volatile business market in Montreal" he feels that the city "misses out on destination experiences because businesses are deterred from investing in their storefronts."



"Although I could have invested in my store in any of our main markets across North America, Montreal is my home."

"The older I get, the more pride I have for being able to represent Montreal on a global scale."


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