There are so many phenomenal parks in and around Montreal — each of which offers its own unique charm. And for those of you who've been to all the city's parks already, I've found one just outside Montreal for you. Jack Layton Park, which is about 45 minutes outside the city, is the ideal spot to get away from it all.

As you sit and wait for the sunset to mesmerize you, you can hang out on the benches right on the edge of the Outaouais River.

There's also an outdoor amphitheatre, portable toilets, and sanitary bag dispenser for your dog, which means that dogs are indeed allowed to come to the park with you.

This park is not only a great spot for you to take in the sunset, but it's also a great place to roam around and reconnect with nature.

Although it's close to Montreal, it'll give you the illusion of being somewhere far from the city, which is something I always appreciate.

The beach on site is currently closed but the walking trails are still open giving visitors access to the stream.

This is the ideal spot to bring some snacks, put down a blanket, sip some wine, and just take in the views.

And while it's pretty at any point of the day, sunset is when it's at its peak.

This park is great during the heat of summer, but as the fall slowly begins to creep up on us, it'll also turn into a lovely place to check out the change in foliage, which I know we're all eager for.

Does it get more romantic than that?

And, the park is filled with all kinds of unique things to see, so you're sure to have your eyes busy.

Jack Layton Park

Where: 392, rue Halcro, Hudson, Québec

Why You Have To Go: To fall in love with the beautiful colours offered by the sunset.


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