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Quebec Police Shared 7 Clues For Spotting A Potential Drug Lab In Your Area

"Synthetic drug labs can be located anywhere."
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Quebec Police Shared 7 Clues For Spotting A Potential Drug Lab In Your Area

La Surêté du Québec took to Twitter on January 25 to let the province's population know that "synthetic drug labs can be located anywhere."

In order to help locals attempt to spot such laboratories, a few "clues" were shared.

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The first indicators of a potential drug lab that Quebec police explained include "suspicious behaviour, ghostly neighbour, being present at unusual times, garbage rarely being taken out."

Another clue given was the smell of "chemical odours" in the surrounding area.

If the home appears to have "obstructed windows," Quebec police claim this could be another indication that a drug laboratory may exist inside.

The last hint we're given to spotting potential drug labs around us is if someone has "laboratory equipment and chemicals in [their] garbage."

La Surêté du Québec has been showing its concern for the existence of synthetic drug labs in the province by using the hashtag #LaMethFaitMal on Twitter.

Facts about the creation of meth have also been shared on its Twitter account.

"Did you know that producing one kilogram of methamphetamine generates approximately six kilograms of toxic waste? These, usually thrown away illegally, contaminate the environment and pose a health risk to the population."

The SQ asks that you call 1-800-711-1800 if you notice any of the seven clues they shared in your area.

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