One Of Montreal's Favourite Poutine Spots Is Closing For An Undetermined Amount Of Time

When any Montrealer thinks of poutine, which we do pretty often, one of the first spots that come to mind is La Banquise.

Well, in what I know will come as sad news to many, the poutine spot's owners announced on Tuesday, July 14 that the popular eatery will be closed for an uncertain amount of time.

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The post read "Restaurant La Banquise, following the recommendations and advice of Public Health officials, is taking its social responsibilities and will ask all its employees to be tested for Covid-19, in order to ensure the protection of everyone."

Annie and Marc, the owners of La Banquise, decided to take matters into their own hands and keep the restaurant closed for as long as it takes until all employees have received their test results.

Until we meet again, sweet poutine place.

Via La Banquise