This 13-km Nature Walk In Laval Feels Like You've Stepped Into A Winter Wonderland

Start 2023 on the right foot!

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Visitors at Le Bois de l'Équerre in Laval.

Visitors at Le Bois de l'Équerre in Laval.

If you'd like to welcome the new year with open arms and a positive mindset, you can head on over to Laval for a soothing walk through the snowy urban landscapes of Le Bois de l'Équerre.

Located in Sainte-Rose, this stunning forest covers 1.6 square kilometres accessible to the public with 13 kilometres of trails, including paths specifically groomed for winter strolls or people with reduced mobility.

On your way, you'll find sugar maple groves, a shelter, public toilets, tree-covered wetlands as well as a rich ecosystem that is well over 90 years old.

According to Réseau Canopée, there are 160 different bird species living in the forest, as well as 20 types of mammals and 10 varieties of reptiles and amphibians — so stay alert and ready for a possibly pleasing winter encounter.

The best part? This activity is totally free, and you can bring your doggo — as long as they are on a leash.

You can also make the most of your time in the area by visiting Illumi Laval at sunset or dining in a magical outdoor bubble dome at Laval's Centroplis for a glorious ending to a perfect winter day.

Bois de l'Équerre

Price: Free entry

When: Open all year from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Address: 49, rang de l'Équerre, Laval, QC

Charlotte Hoareau
Staff Writer
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