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You Can Live Your Royal Fantasy At This Vineyard Château Right Outside Montreal

A road trip to make you say YAAAASSS QUEEEN.
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You Can Live Your Royal Fantasy At This Vineyard Château Right Outside Montreal

With international travel still a far away dream, we can't get over how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place that makes domestic travel the envy of many. The best part? You don’t even have to travel that far! Such is the case of Château Taillefer Lafon, less than an hour from Montreal in Laval. 

Though it's not yet open for visits, the vineyard has us dreaming of an escape from the city.

Dating back to the 1800s, Château Taillefer Lafon is considered the first vineyard authorized to call itself such.

The term “château” was previously held for larger, European properties, but when you gaze upon the stunning estate, you’ll see how and why it got the honour.

According to the vineyard’s website, its mission is to, “focus on local innovation in order to offer our customers a unique experience.”

And a unique experience they deliver, indeed. Visitors can enjoy an abundance of sceneries and settings, from serene nature on the back terrace, to the extravagant Louis XVI style lounge, to the romantic medieval style cellar room.

As for keeping it local, the vineyard’s circular economy works to maximize existing resources, as opposed to outsourcing new ones.

Everything from apple cores to wine barrels gets upcycled, recycled, and composted to give back to the land that the team at Château Taillefer Lafon is are so grateful for.

But of course, nothing says royalty quite like silver and gold. In just one year after its first harvest, Château Taillefer Lafon won gold for its ice wine and silver for its ice cider at the World Wine Selections 2004 — not bad for a first harvest and going up against 2,300 products from over 30 countries.

And for those who aren’t ice wine and ice cider connoisseurs, the Château has a wide range of products, including red, white, rose, and cider.

Those looking to be treated like royalty beyond royalty may want to join the wine club.

Be welcomed with open arms to reserved tables on the terrace, prestigious wine selections, private wine tours and, of course, discounts on the award-winning wines.

As the province and businesses begin to reopen, visitors should call ahead to guarantee the vineyard is open to the public.

Château Taillefer Lafon

Where: 1500, Montée Champagne, Ste-Dorothée, Laval

When: Call ahead for the latest opening times or make a reservation online.

Why You Need To Go: To find the royal treatment right near Montreal.

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