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Legault Said He Expects Quebec's Homeless Population To Be Indoors During Curfew Hours

He claimed "there are enough spaces available" for individuals to seek indoor shelter after 8 p.m.
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Premier François Legault recently announced that from January 9 to February 8, there will be a Quebec-wide curfew in which people will not be allowed to leave their homes between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. for anything other than work.

Anyone who's found outside after 8 p.m. "without reason" during this time will be subject to a $1,000-$6,000 fine, and the Premier implied that these new rules will apply to Quebec's homeless population as well.

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We want them to be indoors.

Premier François Legault

During the press conference on January 6, a journalist asked what the Premier's plan was for the province's homeless population throughout the curfew, to which he responded that they should "find themselves inside."

He further went on to claim that he believes "there are enough spaces available" for these individuals to be able to seek indoor shelter after 8 p.m.

Statistics show that there were 3,149 houseless individuals in Montreal in 2018, of which 678 were "sleeping on the streets." And, it's been very likely that said number has increased since then.

Legault reminded the public that, "Police officers will be there to make sure everybody respects the rules."

Nakuset, executive director of the Native Women's Shelter in Montreal and one of the city's most influential Indigenous activists, expressed her shock over the Premier's comment on the matter via Twitter shortly after the press conference.

She continued, "This was a perfect opportunity for the Premier to create safe spaces during this second wave. Take care for those who are struggling."

"Instead, the homeless who can't find a place will be ticketed."

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