Legault Says School 'Squid Game' Costume Bans Are 'Unacceptable' & Tied To Cancel Culture

He recalled his own childhood Halloween costumes to prove his point.

Legault Says School 'Squid Game' Costume Bans Are 'Unacceptable' & Tied To Cancel Culture

Even the premier of Quebec has something to say about the wildly popular — and extremely violent — Netflix show Squid Game. Asked about his thoughts on schools banning Squid Game Halloween costumes, Premier François Legault said the move was "extreme" and "not acceptable," linking it to cancel culture.

Legault was asked the question at a press conference on Friday, following a Journal de Québec report that an elementary school in the Charlesbourg borough of Quebec City banned Squid Game Halloween costumes because they do not "correspond to the values and rules of life of the school."

"We are now in a society where soon we will no longer have the right to do anything," Legault said.

He said this is why Quebec's minister of education wrote an open letter with France's minister of education. Their joint opinion piece in Le Devoir, "The school for freedom, against obscurantism," calls acts of cancel culture "assaults on freedom of expression and civic sense."

Legault also recalled the Halloween costumes he wore when he was growing up.

"When I was young, we dressed up as witches, we dressed up as monsters. But it's not because we wanted to support witches and monsters," he said. "To me, we need to have a balance."