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Legault Wants People To Recommend TikTok Accounts To Follow & The Responses Are Hilarious

Legault has a tough decision to make! 😅

Francois Legault making a tiktok requesting followers to recommend content creators for him to follow.

Francois Legault making a tiktok requesting followers to recommend content creators for him to follow.

Remember when TikTok was just a dancing app? Well, now it appears as if it's become a worldwide phenomenon, so much that Quebec Premier François Legault is getting in on the action. In a video posted to his TikTok account on March 2, Legault is asking his followers which Quebec account he should follow first.

The premier, who currently has over 72,000 followers, has yet to follow anyone on the app, but that's all about to change.


Qui devrait être mon premier abonnement? #LePMsurTikTok #FYP #Quebec #PolQc #TikTokQuebec

In his TikTok, Premier Legault said that "My team says it's been more than enough time for me to subscribe to at least one person on TikTok. I don't know too much, so I am asking you to reply in the comments with suggestions of who the best Quebec content creators are who should be the first account I subscribe to on TikTok."

Only days following the post, the video of François Legault has already garnered over 16,000 replies, and some of them are definitely making us laugh out loud.

Comments on Fran\u00e7ois Legault François Legault | TikTok

A few comments were from some well-known content creators, including Danick Martineau and Anthony Tran.

Tran, who has over 134,000 TikTok followers, went as far as saying that if he's lucky enough to get a follow back from the premier, he'll prepare Legault a five-course meal, which had nearly 3000 people liking the comment.

Danick Martineau said "Me Francois! I didn't make a song about you with the Canadiens for nothing!" Will it be enough for a follow back though?

François Legault | TikTok

While the comment section was full of recognizable creators, there were a few random TikTok users that wrote out some pretty funny replies.

Many of the responses referred to François Legault as "big boy," "babe," and "daddy Legault," which just might catch his attention.

François Legault | TikTok

One TikTok user said he looks up to Legault like a father, pulling at the premier's heartstrings.

Even the official RDS account got into it. "Just like you M. le Premier Ministre, we love sports!" they wrote.

While Legault has yet to make a decision, we're definitely on the edge of our seats waiting to see who he will choose.

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