A Spot-On TikTok Shows How Montrealers From Different Neighbourhoods Order On Terrasses
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You might remember TikTok user Fred Duke's hilarious impressions of Montrealers from different parts of the city reacting to the 8 p.m. curfew. 

As restaurant terrasses reopen across Quebec, the Duke has posted a new video showing how Montrealers from different neighbourhoods will be placing their orders.

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In Montréal sur les Terrasses Part 2, Duke acts out an interaction between a server and a Montrealer in Saint-Henri, the Plateau, NDG, Hochelaga and TMR. 

As usual, he's spot on! 

You can also check out Duke's Montréal sur les Terrasses Part 1 video on TikTok, which includes Laval, the Old Port, the Mile End, and Outremont.