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Fred Duke Released A Montreal Neighbourhoods Meme Calendar & It’s Funny AF

Each month features a different stereotypical Montrealer. 🤣

Fred Duke Released A Montreal Neighbourhoods Meme Calendar & It’s Funny AF

By now, you've probably laughed along to one of local TikTok star Fred Duke's videos as he does flawless impressions of stereotypical Montrealers from different neighbourhoods — from showing us how they'd react to vaccine passports to how they'd order on a terrasse. Now, you can get a monthly dose of these classic Montreal characters in calendar form.

Duke's first-ever calendar is the perfect gift for a proud Montrealer in your life or just something useful to pick up if, a month into 2022, you still don't have a calendar.

He partnered with Montreal-raised visual designer Loogart on the project and the two actually have a very strong mutual Montreal identity, as Duke told MTL Blog they went to high school together.

"I wanted him to create my 'Quartiers de Montreal' avatar initially, and we brainstormed about a way to immerse my humour with his graphic design talent," Duke said. "It’s our first collaboration."

Each month features a different one of Duke's iconic characters from a Montreal-area neighbourhood:

  • January: Outremont
  • February: Saint-Henri
  • March: West Island
  • April: Côte Saint-Luc
  • May: Town of Mont Royal
  • June: Hochelaga
  • July: Westmount
  • August: Laval
  • September: Griffintown
  • October: NDG
  • November: Le Plateau
  • December: Old Port

Alongside the characters, you'll find word bubbles with favourite quotes. For instance, January's Outremont guy can be seen saying, "Here's my daughter's trophy room" while February's Saint-Henri guy can be found saying, "Protest against capitalism after work." Note that most of the quotes are in French, but it does depend on the neighbourhood.

The calendars are available for purchase for $19.99 on the Chez Fred Duke website and delivery is free within a 50-kilometre radius of Montreal.

If by chance, you've made it through this article without having seen a Fred Duke video, it's time to bring these calendar characters to life. We recommend starting with Montrealers reacting to COVID-19 rules but they're all hilariously on point.

Whether in video form or calendar form, we love Duke's niche humour that only true Montrealers will appreciate.

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