This Quebecer NAILED Impressions Of Legault & Trudeau Coming Up With Holiday Rules (VIDEO)

“Grand-maman va être dans la salle be bain.”
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This Quebecer NAILED Impressions Of Legault & Trudeau Coming Up With Holiday Rules (VIDEO)

While public health rules have become so familiar that most Quebecers could probably recite them, the behind-the-scenes deliberations that go into those orders have largely remained a mystery. Now, one Quebecer has provided his own interpretation of those discussions in a hilarious TikTok impersonation of François Legault and Justin Trudeau.

In a video posted on November 20, Samuel Paradis (sam.paradis1 on TikTok) acts out a phone conversation in which the premier asks the prime minister for advice on how to host holiday celebrations while respecting health rules.

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Paradis nails Trudeau's awkward public speaking voice as he explains that he's splitting his family between different rooms in the house to keep them apart, putting grandma in the bathroom and the kids in the shed.

Inspired by the shed idea, a mischievous Legault then calls National Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda to invite him over for Christmas, offering a "special" place for him.

Paradis told MTL Blog that the idea for the video came amid reports that the government was deciding between multiple holiday scenarios days before making a final announcement.

"It inspired me to create a video in which Legault asks Trudeau's advice on the best possible option to respect social distancing: the shed," Paradis said.

"It's also an exaggerated way of saying that you can't really stop a family from coming together at Christmas."

Legault eventually announced that gatherings of a maximum of ten people would be allowed between December 24 and 27.

Legault Elaborated On The Quebec Tax For The Unvaccinated

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On Sunday, January 16, Legault appeared on the Quebec TV show on Tout le monde en parle to discuss the new "health contribution" that non-vaccinated adults will be required to pay.

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