A Batch Of Birth Control Pills Is Being Recalled In Canada & Here's What You Need To Know

Your package may be damaged...
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A Batch Of Birth Control Pills Is Being Recalled In Canada & Here's What You Need To Know

If you use the birth control pill, you should check your current blister pack, because Aspen Pharmacare Canada Inc. is recalling a batch of prescription birth control pills, Linessa 21.

"Some blister packs may be missing pills, may contain more than one tablet in a blister pocket, and may contain pills in the wrong order," reads a statement.

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Why is this a problem?

Linessa 21 blister packs contain 21 pills: seven yellow, seven orange and seven red. Each one has a different amount of hormones depending on its colour.

"Missing a pill, taking a pill out of the proper order, or taking two pills at the same time could lead to undesired pregnancy and other side effects, including spotting and irregular bleeding."

If your blister pack is packaged incorrectly, you should get a new replacement pack as soon as possible "to avoid missing pills or taking a pill in the wrong order."

What if your pack is damaged?

If your package is damaged, you can return it to your nearest pharmacy for a replacement.

If you can't get there, here are the steps to follow.

Take the "Take the next light yellow, orange or red pill in the order that you are due to take, following the proper order of the pills [...] and contact your pharmacist for a replacement as soon as possible."

Note that you should not "miss a pill, take one in a different order, or take two pills at the same time."

If you have already missed a pill or run out of the right colour, or are unsure which one to take, use a non-hormonal method of birth control, such as condoms, and talk to your pharmacist.

Is Linessa 28 affected as well?

The news release claimed, "Linessa 28 is not currently affected by this issue."

Only lot number 200049 which expires in March 2023 is affected at this time.

If you have any questions about this recall, you can always contact Aspen Pharmacare Canada Inc. by email at can.quality@aspenpharma.com or by phone at 1-844-330-1213.

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Contributing Writer
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