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Quebec Is Going To Start Fining The 'Irresponsible' People Who Refuse To Wear Masks

Legault scolded people who don't follow the rules.
Senior Editor
Masks In Quebec Will Soon Be Enforceable With Fines

Premier François Legault announced Thursday morning that the government is going to start fining people who refuse to wear masks in Quebec where they're supposed to, namely indoor public spaces.

Authorities will start handing out fines on Saturday, September 12. 

Though Legault praised what he said was a "majority" of rule-abiding Quebecers, he said "there is a small minority of irresponsible people who aren't following the rules."

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We cannot accept that some irresponsible people are putting [the] whole society at risk.

François Legault

The premier chided these rulebreakers for putting vulnerable people as well as the entire health network at risk.

The fines will apply in all of Quebec, but Legault explained that officials will focus the crackdown on regions under a "yellow alert," according to the province's new COVID-19 alert system.

More details are coming out soon.

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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