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McCain Canada Is Dropping A New Streetwear Collection With Pockets For Your Breakfast

Caution: contents are HOT (literally).

Associate Editor, MTL Blog
McCain Canada Breakfast Pockets Pockets streetwear collection.

McCain Canada Breakfast Pockets Pockets streetwear collection.

Step aside Anna Wintour, McCain Canada is coming in hot with their newest limited-edition streetwear collection. McCain is joining the ranks of Tim Hortons with its sleek and colourful apparel line that dropped on October 4 in honour of McCain's tasty new product, Breakfast Pockets.

The delish new dish is joining the McCain Pockets family and is one grocery item that you just might wanna add to your list. The Breakfast Pockets take only 90-seconds to prepare and are "designed for on-the-go teens who need a quick bite to start their day," McCain Canada said.

McCain Breakfast Pockets Pockets CollectionMcCain Breakfast Pockets Pockets Collection

The Pockets are packed with real eggs, real cheese and real bacon — making it a brekky staple that you can literally take on the go. With the release of McCain's Breakfast Pockets Pockets collection, you can carry your Breakfast Pocket in, well...your pockets!

The collection is suited with insulated pockets with heat-sealing flaps that will keep your Breakfast Pockets warm and ready to eat wherever you are. The entire line consists of three streetwear-inspired pieces: a chore jacket, hoodie and cargo pants. The collection was designed by Toronto-based designer Hayley Elsaesser and is totally unisex.

People wearing items from the new McCain clothing line Hayley Elsaesser.People wearing items from the new McCain clothing line Hayley Elsaesser.Courtesy of McCain Canada

"Hayley designed the breakfast-inspired collection to not only keep your Pockets hot but to look like fire too," McCain Canada shared with MTL Blog in a press release. "Emphasizing style and functionality, the Breakfast Pockets Pockets collection was made with busy teens top-of-mind."

The limited-edition collection is now available for pre-order. Items range from $60 to $80 and 100% of the collection's proceeds will be donated to the Grocery Foundation's Toonies for Tummies, which helps fund school breakfast programs.

So, will you be strutting down the streets of Montreal in McCain's newest line?

    Mike Chaar
    Associate Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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