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​People wearing the new line of Tim Hortons merch. Right: White socks in beige slides.

People wearing the new line of Tim Hortons merch. Right: White socks in beige slides.

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is brewing a new line of limited edition merch in time for National Coffee Day. The Tims Run Club collection drops on September 29 with apparel that is absolutely not intended for running but will keep you cozy while completing your morning caffeine routine.

The chain has double-doubled down on the undeniably comfortable but fashionably questionable socks and sandals combo, offering white athletic socks that fit snugly into coffee creamer-coloured slides.

The tongue-in-cheek line also includes matching wristbands, a sweat-wicking red hat, a long-sleeve cotton shirt and two water-resistant windbreakers — one traditional and one premium, both with amusing details. The premium jacket, for instance, features an insulated pocket to keep your breakfast sandwich warm.

"There's also elbow padding on the left arm for maximum comfort when resting your arm out the car window while going through the drive-thru," said Tim Hortons Chief Marketing Officer Hope Bagozzi. "Our Double Double-inspired merch drop last year on National Coffee Day was extremely successful — each drop sold out within minutes. This year, we wanted to lean into a pastime our guests coined themselves — the Tims Run," she said.

Tims Rewards members with a registered email will get early access to the Tims Run Club line on September 29 from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. After that, ordering will be open to all Canadians at

The chain will also have a National Coffee Day challenge on its app, so if you order three different coffee-based drinks during the week, you can earn 50 extra Tims Rewards points.

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