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3 More Anti-Curfew Protests Are Apparently Already Planned In Montreal

The next one is set to be tonight, April 12.
3 More Anti-Curfew Protests Are Apparently Already Planned In Montreal

Only one day after the massive anti-curfew protest in Montreal, more are already being planned.

According to the page "montrealcurfewprotest" on Instagram, similar protests as the one on April 11 are set to happen on April 12, April 23, and May 1.

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We're told all protests will take place in Montreal's Old Port at Place Jacques Cartier and they will begin "in the evening" before 8 p.m.

Then, the plan is for all attendees plan to stay after curfew hours.

The aim is to show the Quebec government that they are not in agreement with the curfew regulation.

Why are anti-curfew protests happening?

If you're wondering why such protests are taking place, the owner of the the "montrealcurfewprotest" page told MTL Blog, "The reason as to why I am so passionate about this cause is because I believe that human beings have inalienable rights that no government has the authority to vanquish."

"Individuals are being denied freedom of movement past a certain hour, and Horacio Arruda has even admitted to the lack of scientific research that supports the implementation of the curfew," they continued.

The page owner doesn't believe it is fair for the government to "deny people their right of movement."

When are the next protests planned for?

As of right now, MTL Blog was made aware of three upcoming anti-curfew protests happening in Montreal in the near future.

The next one is on April 12, exactly 24 hours after the big one that took place.

After that, there is one expected to happen on April 23, which the owner of the "montrealcurfewprotest" page planned.

Then there's another one planned on May 1, which some people claim is "going to be a big one."

All three are slated to take place at Place Jacques Cartier.

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