8 Spontaneous Day Trips To Ontario That Aren’t Ottawa

Ontario, it turns out, is pretty cool too.
8 Spontaneous Day Trips To Ontario That Aren’t Ottawa

Quebec is full of phenomenal places to explore, but our neighbour to the west isn't all that bad, either. It turns out there are tons of day trip opportunities in eastern Ontario for Montrealers — and they don't all involve the same old trip to Ottawa. 

All of the towns on this list are close enough for Montrealers to check out in a single day.

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But if you've really run out of weekend getaways in Quebec (impossible) and are looking to spend a little extra time away, you'll be pleased to know that each town has great accommodations and eateries.

Some of these destinations can even be strung together into a multi-stop tour.

We looked specifically for places that offer something a little different from the many vibrant small towns in Quebec. 

There are also some pretty phenomenal discoveries to be made in these Ontario spots — from rainbow tunnels to giant cheese.

Be sure to have a good playlist, some good company, and of course, to be safe!


Distance from Montreal: Two hours and 20 minutes

From museums and natural history sites to adorable restaurants and streets, this town in Ontario is worth the two hour and 20-minute drive from Montreal!



Distance from Montreal: Two hours and 40 minutes

Almonte is full of beautiful parks, a cute main street with Victorian façades, and even a beach.



Distance from Montreal: Two hours and 55 minutes

Too often written off as an exit on the way to Toronto, Kingston has plenty to make it a destination in itself.

From its restaurant-dense 19th-century core to riverfront views, the city is worth a visit.



Distance from Montreal: Two hours and 35 minutes

I personally love the vibe in this town.

Stroll through the downtown to browse artisan shops and finish off the day with a picnic on the waterfront.



Distance from Montreal: Two hours and 10 minutes

Brockville, a little over two hours from Montreal, is a great little spot for anyone looking for a quick and easy escape from the metropolis.

Be sure to walk through the mystical rainbow tunnel — the first railway tunnel in Canada.


Vankleek Hill

Distance from Montreal: One hour and 10 minutes

Peruse the farmers' market before going antique shopping! The farming community has tons of fall events for the harvest season, including an agricultural fair in mid-August and an Oktoberfest.


Sharbot Lake

Distance from Montreal: Three hours and 20 minutes

Sharbot Lake is a little far, but if you're dying for an escape, the three-hour-or-so drive won't seem so bad, especially once you arrive.

This park is for hikers, campers, and swimmers who have already hit up all the Sépaq parks.



Distance from Montreal: Two hours and 55 minutes

No, not Perth, Australia, but Perth, Ontario. It may not be as far or exotic but it is a good place to put some mental distance between you and the Montreal grind.

Check out the main street, Last Duel Park, and the 22,000-pound block of cheese — the pride of the town.


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