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Nine Québécois ‘Puppy Therapy’ Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

Cute pups make the world (and your Instagram feed) a better place. 🐕
Nine Québécois ‘Puppy Therapy’ Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

It's safe to say that 2020 has ... not been the year we expected.

And as much as baking bread and TikTok dances have been a great way to get through it, what we really need is some puppy therapy.

No need to even leave your home — you can get some pup cuteness right on your phone with some adorable Quebec dog Instagrams.

We all know Montreal and la belle province are filled with some beautiful people.

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But the real star residents have got to be the doggos.

I mean, they're cute, they sit, they fetch. What can't they do?

Not to mention, they make some pretty stellar Instagram models.

Way better than my feed at least.

So if you've always wanted a canine or if you're looking for your newest furry friend or if you're just straight-up tired of people, take a look at these doggy Instagrams that'll make you smile like a doggo getting a belly rub.


Breed: Italian greyhound

Category is: Puppy Eleganza. Tika The Iggy isn't just a dog account that you need to follow, but is basically all of the fashion inspo you'll ever need. And if you think she's cooler than you'll ever be, you're probably right.



Breed: English bulldog

Don't be confused by the name — Sunday is an absolute sweetheart. Lover of naps and hangin' by the pool, as the bio suggests Sunday "proudly represent[s] the laziest day of the week."



Breed: Cavalier King Charles

Meet Leo. Pup, big brother and ice cream-lover. When he isn't taking a nap (like any king should), he's probably up to some type of shenanigans or looking for his next snack.



Breed: Chocolate labrador

Bailey could be one of the happiest doggos around Montreal. I would be too if I had my head scratched like this.



Breed: Corgi

Would you just look at this little peanut? It's no wonder the Queen loves corgis. And those eyes are just incredible.



Breed: Mini sheepadoodle

I think we may have finally answered the age-old question of "Who's a good boy?" Milo (pronounced "Milooooo") is one of the cuddliest, most rambunctious pups you've ever seen and is never one to say no to an adventure.



Breed: Chow Chow/collie mix

Another dog named Milo because it's such a great dog name. This Milo loves the city and is such a Montrealer that il est un chien bilingue.



Breed: Samoyed

Didi may have been the baby of the litter, but has big-world dreams. And even though we've been working from home, Didi knows how important it is to get dressed every morning.



Breed: Chihuahua

Cedric is small with the biggest heart you've ever seen. He's fun-loving and always up for an adventure. Oh, and did I mention he's a model?


Your Instagram feed just got a whole lot cuter!