9 Spontaneous Getaways That Are 1, 2 And 3 Hours Away From Montreal

An adventure for every type of road tripper.
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9 Spontaneous Road Trips From Montreal That Are 1, 2 And 3 Hours Away

Part of living in such a big province is having so many opportunities to explore. It seems like just as you cross one item off your bucket list, you find even more to see and do all over Quebec. And road trips from Montreal are no exception.

There's nothing quite like hitting the open road and heading to a new and exciting part of La Belle Province.

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And even if you're going back for a second or third time, you'll discover even more than you had before or maybe even see it from a different perspective.

Plus, the drive to get there offers incredible views in itself.

Because there are some people that like shorter distances and some that could keep going, we're lucky that no matter how far you want to drive, there's a road trip for everyone.

We took a list of destinations that are a one-, two-, or three-hour drive from the island (we rounded to make things easier).

So pack your bags, make sure you've got a full tank of gas and get ready for an adventure.

One Hour


Distance from Montreal: One hour

Located in the Eastern Townships, Cowansville is an adorable town for a last-minute escape from the city. There's lots of history, nature, and even a winery for you to explore.



Distance from Montreal: One hour and 10 minutes

Some of the buildings in this town near the border with Vermont, like the Grammar School, date back to the 1850s and if activities are your thing, there are lots of orchards adding fun and colour.



Distance from Montreal: One hour and 30 minutes

For an adventure less than two hours away from the city, look no further than Montebello. To see some incredible wildlife, head over to Parc Omega and for one of the most amazing hotel stays, go to the Fairmont Le Château Montebello

Two Hours


Distance from Montreal: One hour and 45 minutes

There's so much to do in Thurso, located in Outaouais. You can ride along La Route Verte, golf, visit a winery, and Thur-so much more.



Distance from Montreal: One hour and 50 minutes

For those that love exploring small towns, head out to Warwick. There's so much history and plenty of views to see, especially since it's at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains.

And if you're a fan of cheese, then you'll definitely want to head here for its incredible artisanal cheeses.



Distance from Montreal: Two hours and 18 minutes

You may know Chelsea for the Nordik Spa or Camp Fortune, but there's a lot more to do in this city that's just north of Gatineau, including exploring ruins, golfing, and even a sugar shack.


Three Hours


Distance from Montreal: Two hours and 45 minutes

Mont-Mégantic is known for being one of the best places in the entire country for stargazing, but it shines equally as bright in the day.

You can explore trails by foot, the water by boat, and if driving is your thing, take The Summit Drive for one of the most spectacular driving routes in all of Quebec.



Distance from Montreal: Three hours

This island town is the quintessential coastal town that everybody dreams of moving to permanently. You can walk through beautiful galleries, visit a cidery, or take a guided tour of the island.



Distance from Montreal: Three hours 50 minutes

This trip is closer to four hours but worth an entry on this list!

Found in the beautiful Charlevoix region, this beautiful town on the water has everything you're looking for in a vacation: beautiful scenery, art and culture, and amazing spots to grab a bite.

Not sure where to stay? Check out this Airbnb that's practically a hotel.


I call shotgun!

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