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A 'Major Storm' Is Headed For Quebec & Could Dump 50+ cm In One Area

Montreal could get up to 20 cm.
A 'Major Storm' Is Headed For Quebec & Could Dump 50+ cm In One Area

Environment Canada has issued a number of special weather statements ahead of what it's calling a potentially "major storm" in Quebec

The agency says snowfall totals could "vary depending on the track of the system," but it's warning of between 20 and 40 centimetres in some regions in Eastern Quebec. "Over the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula," meanwhile, "amounts may exceed 50 centimetres."

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50+ cm Possible Snowfall in Quebec's Gaspé peninsula

In Montreal, "snowfall amounts could reach 10 to 20 centimetres," says Environment Canada.

The snow could "begin during the day Tuesday and continue into the evening." Further east in the province, "the poor weather will persist through Wednesday." 

The metropolis is also in for a blisteringly cold few days, according to the latest forecast.

On Monday morning, the windchill is reaching a staggering -28 before climbing to a balmy -16 later in the day and around -18 in the evening.

On Tuesday, the windchill will range from -17 to -11.

Get ready, Montreal.

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