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A Montreal Art Experience Inspired By John Lennon & Yoko Ono Just Won A Major Award

Based on when they were protesting the Vietnam War while in Montreal.
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A Montreal Art Experience Inspired By John Lennon & Yoko Ono Just Won A Major Award

Everybody knows that Montreal is an incredibly artsy city. But did you know Montreal has some award-winning artists? Well, we're proud to let you know that a Montreal art experience, created by MASSIVart,* has won a Collaboration of Design + Art (CODA) award in the hospitality category.

Entitled Bed-In for Peace’s Suite 1742, the art experience* tells the story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's famous "bed-in" protest at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in 1969. The pair were protesting the Vietnam War.

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Since then, the bed-in has become a monumental moment in protest history and has made the iconic Queen Elizabeth Hotel even more of a symbol here in Montreal.

MASSIVart, along with Sid Lee Architecture, brought this incredible memory to life in a total, 360° experience by combining "a multitude of artworks and interactive devices installed in the actual Suite 1742."*

The project was developed with intense research, preservation and maximization of the overall experience.

Created in the famous suite itself, the artists aimed to maintain the integrity and historical significance of the room.

MASSIVart has collaborated with the teams at Robocut, Unlimited VR and Audio Z to bring to life the concepts they have imagined.*

The art experience in the Suite 1742 includes virtual-reality, multimedia and period interactive devices, including the chance to pick up a phone and listen to a phone call between Lennon, Ono, and their counterparts from around the world.

Completed in 2017, the project has been so well received that the hotel has kept it as an exclusive experience for people to come relive a piece of history.

And now, it won the hospitality category of the CODAaward.

[rebelmouse-image 26883452 photo_credit="CODAworx" expand=1 original_size="868x475"] CODAworx

In partnership with Interior Design Magazine, CODAworx' annual competition saw 465 entries from 25 different countries in its eighth year.

All winners in all 11 categories and the People's Choice Awards will be featured in the September 2020 issue — so keep a lookout!

We're so proud not only that such a significant moment happened right here in Montreal, but of this incredible achievement of talent right here in the city.

* This article has been updated.

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