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A Montreal Artist Created The Coolest Coasters Inspired By Our City's Iconic Restaurants

And a percentage of the sales gets donated to the Montreal Restaurant Relief Fund.
A Montreal Artist Created The Coolest Coasters Inspired By Our City's Iconic Restaurants

As locals, we're surrounded by so many talented Montreal artists, and Lindsay Sacks is one of them. She's an artist who displays her work on social media, from acrylic trays and custom paintings to her latest project, coasters which can best be described as an ode to the Montreal food scene.

Sacks is also a fierce home cook who shows off her skills on Instagram, and it's safe to say that this woman knows good food.

Her Montreal-inspired coasters are not average drink holders, they're works of art made with love by a member of our city, in support of our city, and that's what makes them even more special.

A percentage of the sales from these coasters are donated to the Montreal Restaurant Relief Fund.

We got to spend time discussing Sacks' work with her. You can read our interview below.

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What inspired you to do this project and How did you pick which restaurants and dishes would be featured?

"I'm a restaurant lover and food enthusiast first, artist second. It was such an organic project for me because it combines two of my passions," Lindsay told us.

"I had an idea of what I deemed to be the most ICONIC restaurants in Montreal and their most renowned dishes, but I polled a focus group (just kidding, I asked my friends) and IG followers."

"There are definitely some restaurants I would add to the list if I didn't limit the project to eight, but alas."

Which restaurants and dishes are included in the set?

Lindsay laid out all the options available for coasters: Beauty's - "Beauty's Special" Moishes "Rib steak," Famous Monte Carlo Potato "Pickles & Coleslaw, Joe Beef "Lobster Spaghetti," Au Pied De Cochon "Duck in a Can," Orange Julep "2 hot dogs, poutine & Orange Julep drink," Milos "Milos Special," Arthurs "Syrniki" (cottage cheese pancakes) with seasonal strawberries, and last but not least
Schwartz's "Smoked Meat Sandwich."

The entire set will cost you $125, or you can get a single one for $15 or a grouping of four for $60. All of which are available on her website

Why did you decide to donate some of the money to the Montreal restaurant relief fund?

Lindsay's heart is in the right place and her genuine desire to help our city during these unprecedented times shines through.

She told us," Our city's restaurant scene has a heartbeat felt around the world. I lived in Florida for 10 years and have ex-pat friends in other cities and I know it's something you never stop missing."

"It's an absolute tragedy what is happening to that industry right now due to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent red zone restrictions and as a restaurant lover, it was a no-brainer that part of this project should go to helping them."

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