A Protest To Defund The Police Is Taking Place In Montreal Tomorrow

It's "in support of defunding the police and reinvesting in communities to save BIPOC lives."
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A Montreal Protest To Defund The Police Is Happening On Saturday, August 29

On August 29 groups across multiple Canadian cities, including Montreal, are holding protests with the aim of having their voices heard about the matter of defunding the police. These actions are being led by the Coalition for BIPOC Liberation, which came to fruition this summer and "is a collective of social justice groups and community activists from across the country, led by Black and Indigenous people."

The organizers describe the protest as having the aim of "defunding not only the SPVM, but all forms of policing from regional to federal," with hopes of reinvesting those funds in communities instead.

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"We demand our basic human right to live peacefully with the equitable opportunity to live our best lives, take care of our families and support our communities," a coalition spokesperson said in a statement shared with MTL Blog.

"Without the removal of the laws of colonialism, the liberation of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour will cease to exist. Invest in people, not police."

Beyond defunding the police, the Coalition for BIPOC Liberation's list of demands, which was created with the help of the Racial Justice Collective, includes "[decriminalizing] sex work and drugs," providing "reparations for BIPOC communities," taking the "RCMP off Indigenous lands," "[freeing] people from prisons and jails," and ending incarceration, among other points

The coalition is directing these demands to the federal government, because "to fight an inherently racist system, you have to fight it on all levels," a member, Elijah Olise, explained to MTL Blog.

The protest in Montreal will begin at 12 p.m. on Saturday, August 29.

The Montreal protest is part of a "nationwide action to defund the police" on August 29, with planned demonstrations in the Canadian cities of Toronto, London, Calgary, Moncton, Ottawa, and Frederiction.

The locations for these Canadian cities' protests can be found in the post below.

The City of Montreal recently released an online survey, which listed the option to limit the SPVM's funding but wouldn't say whether the inclusion of that question was in response to demonstrations this year.

This survey ended on August 23.

Olise explained that the Coalition for BIPOC Liberation is hoping to "get people to imagine what society would look like without police."

Montreal Protest To Defund The Police

When: Saturday, August 29 at 12 p.m.

Where: Place des Arts, Montreal, QC

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