These 2 Beekeepers On The Montreal Metro Took PPE To A Whole New Level (VIDEO)

Note: a beekeeper hat does NOT count as a face covering.
Beekeepers On The Montreal Metro Took PPE To A Whole New Level (VIDEO)

Wearing masks has been mandatory in enclosed public places since July. But while a handful of viral videos have highlighted incidents in which people refused to respect the simple requirement, there are also those who push personal protective equipment to the extreme. If you were downtown recently you might have spotted two guys wearing beekeeper outfits on the Montreal metro.

A picture of the two young men sitting comfortably in a metro car with their suits and masks on has been circulating en masse in the last few days.

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First published on September 2 on the Facebook page Spotted: Montreal, the photo was shared thousands of times and received hundreds of comments.

It turns out this stunt was designed specifically to make people laugh and deflate at least some of the anxiety we feel about being out in public.

The joke was the work of Vincent Larocque, an academic living in Ahuntsic, and his two friends Maximilien Willemin and Simon Maillé.

"I decided to make this video to make my friends and the people who follow my Instagram @Lastoryavincent page laugh," Larocque explained in an interview with Narcity Québec.

He also shared the making of this adventure on Instagram.

Though the group initially planned to use hazmat suits, they opted for the more cheerful beekeeper getups.

"My small budget went towards beekeeper's clothing, being much cheaper and funnier looking, it was the right choice," Vincent said.

On September 1, they went to Crémazie metro station with their new outfits and walked around for a good half hour.

Many eyes turned towards them and the two young men even heard some rather funny comments.

"One child asked his mother nearby why we were like that. The mother's answer was: it's the new reality of the virus."

Though some have interpreted the stunt as a condemnation of the government's mask requirement, Larocque said that's not the case at all.

It was all to make people laugh.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.