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Quebecers Could Soon Get Alcohol Dropped Off At Their Doors Using Food-Delivery Apps

The deputy premier tabled a bill proposing new alcohol rules on October 21.
Quebecers Could Soon Get Alcohol Dropped Off At Their Doors Using Food-Delivery Apps

On October 21, Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault tabled a new bill that would change the way restaurants could offer alcohol to customers in Quebec.

Bill 72 would allow restauranteurs to "delegate the delivery of alcohol with a meal to a service," such as Uber Eats or Door Dash, Guilbault said in a press conference.

In Quebec red zones, this would allow restauranteurs to continue making use of their liquor permits — even with restaurants currently limited to takeout and delivery.

Restaurants outside of red zones, which are currently allowed to keep dining rooms open, would be able to serve alcohol without serving a meal, in addition to selling alcohol with food through food-delivery apps.

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Right now, [restaurants] cannot [serve alcohol,] and it bothers them . . . so I am expecting that they will be happy. 

Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault, in a press conference on October 21

Seasonal businesses would also be able to pay less for their liquor permits than they currently do. The new bill allows seasonal establishments to pay only for the part of the year they operate.

Guilbault mentioned establishments like cabanes à sucre, ski resorts and golf courses as examples.

The move from the provincial government is a win for restaurant owners, who have been asking for a similar law to be passed for "many years," according to Guilbault.

A previous bill that included alcohol rules, Bill 61, was tabled at the start of the pandemic, but it was scrapped after receiving criticism from opposition parties.

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