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This Rooftop Pool In Montreal Will Make You Feel Like You're On A Resort In Cuba

And it's way cheaper than an all-inclusive.

What's better than spending a hot, summer day by the pool? I agree — not much! Except for maybe lying by a pool at a beautiful resort. Luckily for us Montrealers, Club LaCité has a rooftop pool we can go to that gives off total resort vibes. 

LaCité Pool is a heated outdoor pool attached to the Club LaCité gym and is open seven days a week. Perfect for cooling off after a workout. Or feel free to come in and cool off, anyway.

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Either way, you can buy a day pass for $15, which gets you access to both facilities.

Plus it has an amazing view of the city. The best of both worlds.

Not only that, but the entire gang can come for the chill.

Because who hasn't been on vacay and thought, "Wow, I wish all my friends were here, too."

You can also bring some snacks for the ultimate picnic/day at the pool.

While we may not know what's in store for the rest of 2020, or even what's been happening up until now, tbh — the only things that we know for certain is that we all deserve a vacation and that this summer has been hot. 

And will definitely continue to be hot. 

Between the clear water, the space and the sound of the waterfall, you can totally relax the day away.

And because it's located downtown and just below the mountain, it makes for a great way to relax after a busy day of exploring the city or a great way to refresh before you hit the town.

The pool is currently limit 110 people and I'm sure you can imagine, it's pretty popular, so be sure to come early to make sure you get a spot.

Be sure to pack your mask, too, since you'll have to walk through the building to get there.

But don't worry about a facemask tan line — you can take it off once you get outside.

Club LaCité Pool

Price: $15 for a day pass

Address: 3575, ave. du Parc, Montreal, QC