Montreal's Chinatown Has A Dreamy New Patio With A Wish Tree That Twinkles At Night

There are a million and one cool places to see in Montreal, and the new installation "Place des Souhaits" is at the top of that list.

At nighttime, the massive tree in the middle of this unique patio, "l'arbre à souhait," lights up like nothing you've ever seen before.

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This spot is another one of the 11 oases being set up across Montreal as part of the new Les aventures du cœur de l'île project.

According to Quartier des Spectacles, Place des Souhaits is a "new intergenerational space designed by Karen Tam and Jean de Lessard celebrates the tangible and intangible of Chinese culture."

The 1,000 colored flags found hung up all over this oasis are "inspired by traditional Cantonese operas."

Place des Souhaits

Address: At the corner of boulevards Saint-Laurent and René-Lévesque, Chinatown, Montreal

Why You Need To Go: To see Chinatown shining away at nighttime or to see all the colourful streamers during the day.