Domino's Just Came Out With 2 Wild New Pizzas & Montrealers Can Get Them Delivered

When it comes to delivery in Montreal, Domino's is at the top of so many of our lists. And who could blame us?

Not only does this place always deliver on time but there's an array of pizzas, chicken wings and desserts to choose from.

And, just in time for our 28-day confinement, Domino's now came out with two new pizzas to try. And boy, do they look interesting...

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Available for delivery in Montreal is the chicken taco pizza and cheeseburger pizza.

Domino's Pizza

The two new decadent pizzas will not only grab the interest of many hungry stoners but of course, having it available for delivery makes it that much tastier.

The taco pizza includes American cheese, taco seasoning, grilled chicken, fresh onions, fresh green peppers, fresh tomatoes, and is topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.​

Meanwhile, the cheeseburger is made up of American cheese, ketchup-mustard sauce, beef crumble, fresh onions, and fresh tomatoes, and is topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.​​

Domino's is known for supplying some pretty awesome munchies and its new menu items are proving it hasn't lost it's touch!