Quebec Is Thinking About 'Limiting The Number Of Places' In English CEGEPs

Legault suggested it's one option to help better protect French.
Staff Writer

At a press conference on Tuesday, Premier François Legault confirmed that the Quebec government is thinking about "limiting the number of places" in English CEGEPs due to concerns about the state of the French language in the province. 

Discussions are ongoing and nothing is decided, according to Legault.

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French is fragile, especially in Quebec.

Premier François Legault

The government, however, is not planning to extend Bill 101 to English CEGEPs, though the Minister Responsible for the French Language, Simon Jolin-Barrette, plans to table amendments to the law, which enshrines the predominance of French in the province, in the weeks to come.

For Legault, the issue is not "black and white." "You have different objectives," said the premier.

"I understand that some Francophones would like to learn English [...] but I understand also [...] that French is fragile, especially in Quebec."

Legault contends that right now, there are "many" places for Anglophones in English CEGEPs, referring to Dawson College in Montreal and its roughly 7,800 places. 

"It's an important subject, the place of French in Quebec," underlined the premier. 

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