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5 Facts About Jobs In Finance That Will Change Your Perspective On The Industry

A little-known profession with big opportunities.

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5 Facts About Jobs In Finance That Will Change Your Perspective On The Industry

In these uncertain economic times, it's totally normal to feel apprehensive about exploring a new career path. However, surprising career opportunities can pop up when you least expect them.

National Bank is looking for banking advisors to fill positions across the province. Not only do the positions offer competitive compensation, but they can also unlock great career development opportunities with Quebec's largest bank.

Working in a branch as a banking advisor can be a rewarding and challenging experience for anyone looking to learn and grow professionally.

Banking advisors play a key role within the branches, and they get to take on exciting professional challenges. It's also the perfect opportunity to showcase your excellent communication skills and ability to connect with and guide people while serving your community and getting paid for it.

If you're wondering whether a financial institution can offer a friendly and dynamic work environment where you can grow, the following interviews with real National Bank employees should help answer any potential concerns you have about working in the financial industry.

These testimonials highlight the positive experiences these employees have had with the company. You'll quickly see that working for National Bank means working in a positive and stimulating environment.

These interviews have been condensed and edited for clarity.

All sorts of professional backgrounds are welcome

Courtesy of National Bank

Whether you have a degree in finance, business or simply a passion for customer service, National Bank could have a job for you.

The Bank sees different backgrounds and experiences as a strength, and it's committed to continuous professional development, including giving employees a personalized career path.

Employees hired without a degree or accreditation will receive the support needed to get qualified and excel.

Entry-level salaries range from $35,000 to $50,000, but as you evolve and grow as an advisor, you could make between $55,000 and $73,000.

Jonathan exemplifies National Bank's approach to ongoing professional development. After working in retail for 17 years, he took on a new challenge six months ago and joined National Bank as a banking advisor.

Thanks to the support of his employer and colleagues, he was able to continue his studies and is on the verge of becoming fully qualified — less than a year after being hired.

Although he initially felt stressed by the intensive studies, he overcame this challenge with the help and encouragement of his colleagues.

People are the top priority

Courtesy of National Bank

National Bank encourages empathy, collaboration and personalization when interacting with clients, giving employees many opportunities to stand out as individuals — even in such a large company.

At National Bank, people come first. Teamwork and support are fundamental values of the corporate culture.

Employees are encouraged to work together and support each other in a collaborative environment to achieve their professional and personal goals.

When Salah arrived in Canada, he was determined to work for the Bank. After being hired as a banking advisor in May 2022, he was pleasantly surprised by his colleagues' openness. He learned that he could count on them.

"You're part of a family," he said. "There's always someone willing to help you, walk you through it and show you what to do."

Because of all the help he received, Salah was able to take the time to focus on his studies.

Employees are invited to show initiative & flexibility in managing their work

Courtesy of National Bank

National Bank offers a positive work environment that inspires employees to reach their full potential and live their ambitions.

The Bank empowers its employees, giving them the independence they need to succeed.

Isabel has been a bank advisor since November 2021, and here's what she had to say: "Although we have a certain structure to follow, I'm the one who manages my clients and my meetings."

In addition to having the freedom to build her own client portfolio, Isabel works closely with her team members to develop her strengths and interests.

She feels listened to and valued when she meets with her managers, who encourage her to get involved in interesting projects that will further her professional development.

Banking advisors take on exciting challenges

Courtesy of National Bank

Contrary to popular belief, being a banking advisor is full of surprises and requires a sharp and innovative mind.

As Isabel tells it, the position involves working with people with varied needs, which makes each situation unique.

While the overall structure remains the same, each encounter is different.

"It challenges me," she said. "There's not a day that goes by that I don't learn something. Every situation is different, there's never a dull moment."

In short, the role of a banking advisor is dynamic, ever-changing and gives people a variety of learning and professional development opportunities. Employees can advance within the company by taking on increasingly complex tasks.

In finance, people matter more than the numbers

Courtesy of National Bank

The purpose of personalized financial services is to help people achieve their most important projects and goals, thereby fostering their independence. As a banking advisor, making people your priority is key to achieving this goal.

The position also gives you a great opportunity to learn more about personal finance.

Jonathan joined National Bank so that he could help people carry out their life projects and make their dreams come true.

For her part, Isabel meets with her clients and specialists to guide them through each major step. She also understands the importance of working together with her colleagues, managers and other specialists to provide her clients with comprehensive solutions and action plans.

As these examples show, working for National Bank means working with passionate and dedicated colleagues daily. What's more, the Bank offers a variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

If you're interested in becoming a banking advisor, apply online to work at one of the many branches across Quebec. And while you're at it, check out the other job opportunities currently available at National Bank.

To learn more about the different career opportunities the banking industry has to offer, check out National Bank's website or follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Quebec.

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