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You Can Get A Free Cocktail Or Appetizer At 9 Montreal Bars & Restaurants This Weekend

Here's how to get free food and drinks Thursday through Sunday!

Get Free Food & Drinks In Montreal July 22-25

If you like free food and drinks, then here's something to add to your weekend plans in Montreal.

Thursday through Sunday, July 22 to 25, nine locations of seven different Montreal establishments are giving away an appetizer or drink — and all you have to do is make an account on a free app.

Anyone who creates an account on the Wealthsimple Cash app can access the promotion. Just enter the restaurant's promo code or scan the QR code on your table, show the page to your server and voila!

Here's what you can get at participating locations:

You can find more details, as well as the location addresses, on i_love_mtl's Instagram page.

Theoretically, you could delete the Wealthsimple cash app as soon as you eat and drink your way through all nine locales. But if you're curious about what it's for, you can use it to send and receive cash — similar to how Venmo is used in the U.S.

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