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Here's How Quebec Plans To Improve Mental Health Services In The Province

The government is making some major investments.
Here's How The Government Plans To Improve Mental Health Services In Quebec

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has announced major investments aimed at improving mental health services in Quebec.

A total of $100 million will be invested to "make it possible to act on several fronts to improve the offer of psychosocial and mental health care and services for the population of Quebec," according to a press release. 

$25 million will help to "promote access to mental health services for people waiting for these services in the public network." 

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This investment will enable us to act in a comprehensive manner.

Lionel Carmant, Minister of Health and Social Services

Another $10 million will go towards Quebecers aged 17 to 29 who are "currently waiting for psychological services at the college or university level." 

An investment of $31.1 million will go towards improving the overall mental health network in Quebec between 2021 and 2022.  

Three more investments, including hiring "scout teams" to meet vulnerable individuals, funding for community health organizations, and the establishment of a "digital suicide prevention strategy" will also move forward.

The new funding announcements come after a tragic event in Quebec City that saw two people killed by a man wielding a sword on Halloween night.

The incident has sparked conversation about the state of mental health services in Quebec, as well as the population's overall mental health.

On Monday, Premier Legault said there was a "worry" about an increase in mental health issues due to the pandemic.

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