Here's Your Ultimate Guide To Quebec's Summer Reopening Plan

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Here's Quebec's Complete Summer Reopening Plan

It was the news heard 'round Quebec: the curfew is ending and things will be gradually reopening this summer. According to Premier François Legault and the province's public health authorities, several reopenings will be happening throughout summer as more and more of us get vaccinated. 

But what's reopening, and when? MTL Blog's ultimate guide to Quebec's summer reopening plan has got you covered. 

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Planned May Reopenings

May 21: Drive-in theatres (250 people maximum).

May 28: Curfew is over across the province.

May 28: Restaurant terrasses allowed to reopen.

May 28: Up to 2,500 people allowed at indoor and outdoor venues in sections of 250 people.

May 28: Interregional travel is allowed.

May 28: Up to eight people allowed for private outdoor gatherings.

May 31: Most regions turn to orange zones and gyms allowed to reopen.

Planned June Reopenings

June 11: Bar terrasses are allowed to reopen

June 11: You're allowed to practice non-contact sports and physical activities with up to 25 people.

June 14: Most regions will move to the yellow zone.

June 25: Day camps are allowed to reopen.

June 25: No masks required for people with two COVID-19 vaccine doses who are visiting each other.

June 25: Outdoor festivals and other events allowed to return (up to 2,500 people).

June 28: Most regions will move to the green zone.

Planned July Reopenings

Montreal's Curfew Is Officially Going To EndManjurul Haque | Dreamstime

Nothing is projected to reopen this month.

Stay tuned but for now, enjoy your piña coladas, my friends.

Planned August Reopenings

According to Legault, if 75% of the population over 12 years old has received both vaccine doses, the mandatory mask measure will be lifted "in most public places" and students at cégeps and universities will be able to go back to school.


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