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Joe Beef Is Encouraging Other Montreal Restos To Sell Wine Bottles Without A Food Purchase

As an "act of civil disobedience."
Joe Beef Is Encouraging Other Montreal Restos To Sell Wine Bottles Without A Food Purchase

It's no secret that restaurants in Montreal have been struggling the past few months because of the pandemic. Many of our favourite establishments have spoken out about their struggles, and today, Joe Beef asks that local restaurants embark on an "act of civil disobedience."

Owner David Hayfield McMillan has made the decision to sell wine bottles to customers, even without a food purchase.

"Today I encourage all my colleagues who own restaurants in the province of Québec to sell a bottle of wine without food to a customer as an act of civil disobedience to show our displeasure with the inaction of the Legault CAQ Government’s reforms to our restaurants permit in these extraordinary circumstances," he shared in a post on December 10 with the restaurant's 81k followers.

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Attached to this statement is the hashtag #openourcellars.

Elena, another local eatery, was quick to follow suit and shared "the restaurants you love are dying and our provincial government doesn’t care" in its post.

The restaurant's post goes on to ask followers to "please consider supporting restaurants this holiday season by buying wine directly through your favourite restaurants and not the SAQ."

Both posts have already gain a lot of traction online within the few hours they've been up.

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