Kraft Dinner Canada Trolled The Tampa Bay Lightning For Damaging The Stanley Cup

Montreal Canadiens fans aren't the only ones making fun of the Tampa Bay Lightning for damaging the Stanley Cup. Kraft Dinner Canada has entered the chat with an Instagram post trolling the Florida hockey team.

On Wednesday, Kraft Dinner Canada posted an image of a dented KD macaroni 'n' cheese snack cup, reminiscent of the dent that the Lightning's festivities left in the Stanley Cup. The text reads, "Caution: Cups may dent during boat parades."

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There are photos of Lightning players celebrating their July 7 victory over the Habs all over the internet, including the boat parade to which KD is referring. 

The Cup is reportedly heading back to Montreal for repairs, which makes KD's caption even funnier:

"KD cups also go to Montreal when they’re dropped," it reads. 

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