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A Billboard By The Tampa Bay Rays Florida Home Says Montreal 'Won't Pay' For Their Stadium

Should the Rays move to Montreal?

Just how much is the return of major league baseball worth to Montrealers? Nothing — according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. The group has put up a giant billboard outside Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, warning that "Montréal won't pay for your new stadium."

The team has floated the idea of splitting its season between Florida and Quebec. The Rays president even announced — and then abruptly cancelled — plans to put up a new Montreal-Tampa graphic in their outfield.

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Molson Export Is Creating A 'Hall Of Fan' & You Could Be In It

Winners will also receive a once-in-a-lifetime game viewing-experience.

Hockey season is officially here, and for Montreal Canadiens fans, that amounts to a whole lot of happiness.

After a season (and then some) of cheering on their team from afar, Habs fans are eager to finally experience the thrill of watching the Canadiens like they used to — in bars, with friends and, most of all, at the Bell Centre.

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Jesperi Kotkaniemi Is In Montreal & It Feels Like Seeing An Ex You're Still In Love With

How do you feel about the return of KK?

Jesperi Kotkaniemi is back in Montreal for the first time since his dramatic summer exodus to Carolina to face the Montreal Canadiens and this kind of feels like seeing the ex you're still in love with.

And while there probably won't be any bad blood between the players, the fans could definitely have a thing or two to say.

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The Montreal Canadiens Couldn't Stay Still For Their Team Photo & The Videos Are Too Cute

Acting like a bunch of elementary school kids.

The Montreal Canadiens players were all together this week for their official team photo and, like children, they seemed to have a lot of energy.

Like elementary school kids, Jeff Petry, Brendan Gallagher, Paul Byron and all the others were strung up next to each other in front of the camera waiting for a flash to go off.

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The Bell Centre Was Packed For The Habs' 1st Full-Capacity Home Game In 585 Days (VIDEOS)

2019 — is that you?

Remember 2019? When you could be surrounded by people in venues and not have a worry in the world. Well, on Saturday, October 16, the Bell Centre was finally able to be at full capacity for a Montreal Canadiens home game again and it was giving off major 2019 vibes.

For the first time in 585 days, the Habs were able to play in front of a full crowd and the team said it was "worth the wait." In case you couldn't make it in person, here are some visuals of what the night looked like.

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Jonathan Drouin Scored The First Habs Goal This Season & Everyone Was So Happy For Him

See the video!

Almost as if it was scripted, Montreal Canadiens forward Jonathan Drouin scored the first Habs goal of the season last night against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Shortly after his goal, praise poured in for the lad who took voluntary time off last season for mental health reasons. No matter their allegiances, pretty much everyone was happy for Drouin.

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