This Ice Cream Shop Near Montreal Makes The Wildest Desserts You've Ever Laid Your Eyes On

When it comes to dessert, my motto is: go big or go home. And I don't know about you, after months of being stuck inside, I think I'll take the former. Apparently, the team at Le Blue in Longueuil feels the same way! 

The ice cream shop is found on the south shore near Parc Michel-Chartrand, making it perfect for those days where you walk in the park "Oh, I could really go for something sweet right about now."

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Known as "The Blue Experience", the signature blue desserts have become super popular since opening a few years ago.

But don't be blue if you have another favourite colour — The desserts come in a variety of colours and flavours to satisfy both your flavour and your style palettes. 

What really makes The Blue Experience is the creativity and desserts that are beyond your wildest dreams.

It literally feels like they read my mind and created all of the outrageous desserts I've always wanted.

Which makes sense since they're the size of my head.

The best part is that these photo-worthy creations are as delicious as they are spectacular.

Like this milkshake with a literal slice of cake on top.

I mean I've heard of an ice cream cake, but this just takes it to a whole other level.

Or this cookie concoction that would make even the Cookie Monster, himself, proud.

They've also got these stunning summer ice cream "cocktails" that are perfect for the next time that summer heat has as craving something to help us cool off.

Worried about lactose? They've got you covered! You can try some lactose-free options, too, like these gorgeous candy creations.

Like a kid in a candy store. Or a grown-up at an ice cream shop. 

You can also grab more traditional treats, like soft serve ice cream, but with a Le Blue twist, like a black cone. 

With so many dips and toppings, anything you create is a work of art.

You can see more of the unbelievable options on its Facebook and Instagram pages or head to Longueuil and try one for yourself. 

Le Blue Crèmerie + Desserts

Address: 950, blvd. Curé-Poirier E., Longueuil, QC

Why You Need To Go: For some of the most insane desserts you've ever seen!