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Legault Says 'This Summer Is Shaping Up To Be Better Than Last Summer'

Fingers crossed. 🤞
Legault Says 'This Summer Is Shaping Up To Be Better Than Last Summer'

Many of us have been waiting for some positive COVID-19 news for a change and an optimistic Premier François Legault delivered some at his press conference on Tuesday. 

The premier told the public, "this summer is shaping up to be better than last summer."

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Echoing the statements of his health minister, Christian Dubé, Legault highlighted the province's encouraging vaccination rates and said that "the best way to have a great summer" is for as many Quebecers as possible to get vaccinated.

While special emergency measures are being lifted in Outaouais and Rimouski as of Monday, May 17, there are still a few regions, such as Beauce and Lac-Mégantic where the "contagion is still very high," according to the premier. 

However, "the vaccination is going very well," said Legault. "It's now the turn of young people, I ask them to get vaccinated as soon as they can."

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