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Poutine Pizza On Blue Crust Is Just One Of The WILD Menu Items At This Montreal Resto

Wash it down with an alcoholic rootbear, cream soda or orangeade!
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Poutine Pizza On Blue Crust Is Just One Of The WILD Menu Items At This Montreal Resto

If you're in need of a way to brighten up these dreary winter days of the pandemic, look no further than Les Garnements, Hochelaga's newest pizzeria, with its colourful crusts and wild toppings (think: poutine, cheese sticks, kimchi, and fried chicken).    

The name, Les Garnements, translates to 'the boys' and it represents the restaurant's fun, youthful concept, according to co-owner Guillaume Maillé (MTL Bar) who partnered with Chef Dave Tremblay (Madame Smith) on this project. 

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A rascal is a child who does bad things. We have fun "painting" our pizzas and drinking milkshakes. We defy market standards and we love it.

Guillaume Maillé

"It represents our hearts as eternal children," Maillé said in a statement. 

"We wanted to take 'the boys' theme all the way." 

How to do this? By crafting a menu straight out of the fantasies and daydreams of unruly children everywhere. 

Take, for example, 'La Punk' pizza — blue dough topped with poutine.

Or perhaps you'd be more into the 'Poulet Fromage Kentucky,' pizza with homemade tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, fior di latte cheese, and pieces of fried chicken.  

Yes, you read that right. PIECES OF FRIED CHICKEN.

If you're the kind of person who thinks cheese pizza needs more cheese, try 'La Sling Shot,' which has homemade tomato sauce, four kinds of cheese — mozzarella, monterey jack, fior di latte and parmesan — and is then topped with cheese sticks.

'Pizza Kimchi' is made with — you guessed it — kimchi as well as mozzarella, green onions, egg and sriracha, served on red pizza dough. 

The less adventurous pies still have an interesting touch — a black crust for the prosciutto pizza and a green crust for the vegetarian 'herbivore.'  

But there are also options for folks who want classic pizza as well.

The beverage of choice at Les Garnements is within the same theme: a large selection of 20-ounce milkshakes in 12 flavours, including key lime pie, island fruit punch and double choco. 

Alternatively, you can wash down your 'za with boozy rootbeer or cream soda.

"I wanted to use my knowledge of mixology to apply it to our milkshakes," said Maillé.

"Also, who doesn't like the mix of a good pizza with a milkshake?"  

Les Garnements is currently available for take-out or delivery via Uber Eats and Doordash. 

Pro tip: Milkshakes are two for one right now on Uber Eats.

Les Garnements

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Pizza

Address: 4061, rue Ontario E.

Why You Need To Go: If a rainbow had a baby with a pizzeria, this would be the result. It's an adventure for your eyes — and your tastebuds. 

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