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Mckibbins Pub Is Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary With 1997-Style Prices Tonight

Live music, DJs and cheap AF drinks!

Mckibbins Irish Pub in Montreal, Quebec.

Mckibbins Irish Pub in Montreal, Quebec.

Remember when inflation wasn't at a 30-year high and going out didn't cost an arm and a leg? Well, Mckibbins is giving us all a taste of those good old days for one night and one night only. In celebration of the pub's 25th anniversary, Mckibbins is going all out with live bands, DJs and drinks that won't break the bank.

The iconic pub will be going back 25 years by serving shots, cocktails and pints at the same prices they were when Mckibbins opened in 1997.

The bar quickly developed a reputation as being the Montreal eating and drinking emporium, per its website. Since then, McKibbin's Irish Pub has expanded and offers four locations to enjoy across the Greater Montreal area.

The big bash will be taking place Saturday, August 27 at 9:00 p.m. at the downtown spot on rue Bishop.

"To help kick off the party, we will have live bands all night, DJs outside on the terrace and in the club to keep the party rolling. Bring your family and friends along as we celebrate 25 years together," Mckibbins shared on Instagram.

Now, for the really good part? The drink prices! Guests can expect to pay $5.75 for mixed drinks, $4.00 for shots and $6.50 for pints. In other words, it's time to party like it's 1997.

Seriously, when was the last time you got a cocktail for under $6 in Montreal? Since forever ago, right? So, grab your crew, mark your calendars and Mckibbins it up.

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