This Montreal Munchie Delivery Service Will Bring You Snacks Literally Whenever You Want

Consider me your genie, here to grant your wishes, because I'm about to solve all of your late-night munchie problems. Do you ever feel like you want a snack, but you're too lazy and comfortable to get off your couch? Well, a Montreal-based virtual snack bar, Le Munch Kings, has got your back whenever that situation arises.

With the selection at the SQDC growing, it's normal for us to start taking advantage of not only the weed and hash supply but also the delivery services being offered throughout our city.

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What if I told you that you can get all the munchies your tastebuds are craving without ever needing to leave your house? Well, this local company offers just that.

Le Munch Kings has an array of treats, from chips and chocolate to soft drinks and candy galore, there's really everything your heart will ever desire.

Not only supplies the classic snacks like Miss Vickie's chips, Lays, and Doritos, but there's also out of the ordinary snacks like Ruby Cacoa Kit-Kats, Birthday Cake Hershey Bars, and even Pochy Sticks and Korean Rice Cracker packs.

The snacks vary in prices, depending on what you're craving. From little bites at under $1 to big bags of goodies at $5.99.

Le Munch Kings has quite the selection of snacks for you to attack.

For those of you licking your lips, ready to order, you can do so via Doordash, on the website, or by sliding into their DMs on Instagram.

The snack delivery service has a $10 minimum on orders.

It'll also cost you a $3.50 delivery fee, which is worth not having to leave your house when you need a good munch.

So, next time that THC hits and you're too comfortable on that big old, comfy couch of yours, why not check out the selection at Le Munch Kings?

You could be surprised by all the goodness you find.

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