Montreal Is The 4th Best City In Canada At Playing Wordle

But honestly Toronto can have this title.

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Wordle game board on a cellphone.

Wordle game board on a cellphone.

Montrealers are apparently worse at Wordle than Torontonians, Vancouverites and Ottawans. But that's not saying much in a country that doesn't even crack the global top 10 countries with the best Wordle scores.

A study by WordTips lists the cities with the highest average scores on the jeu du moment, which gives players six* chances to guess a five-letter word. The fewer guesses, the higher the score.

WordTips compiled the list by pulling scores shared in 195,248 tweets worldwide. Begging the question: is this ranking really representative of all Wordle players or just the Boomers who share their scores on social media thinking people will care?

We're hoping it's the latter because Montreal really doesn't perform well at all with an average score of 3.91/6* compared to Toronto's 3.81, Vancouver's 3.84 and Ottawa's 3.87.

Map showing countries with the best Wordle scores.Map showing countries with the best Wordle scores.Courtesy of WordTips

Edmonton (3.92), Calgary (4.02), Winnipeg (4.03), Victoria (4.06), Abbotsford (4.09) and Regina (4.1) follow Montreal on the domestic ranking.

The global top 10 are Canberra (3.58), Jerusalem (3.66), Malmö and Durban (each 3.66), Paris (3.69), Perth (3.7), Melbourne (3.7), Adelaide (3.71), Manila (3.72), and Geneva (3.72).

Despite its cities' strong showing, Australia was not the country with the highest average score. That honour went to Sweden (3.72).

Switzerland (3.78) and Poland (3.79) round out the top three. Australia tied for fourth with Belgium (3.8), followed by Finland (3.81), Brazil, Denmark and South Africa (3.83), and Israel (3.84).

Canada's national average score was 3.9, higher than the 3.92 average score in the United States, which maybe isn't saying much given the state of the American education system but does give us at least some bragging rights.

The U.S. city with the best scores was Saint Paul (3.51). The best performing U.S. state was North Dakota (2.65).

*This article has been updated.

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