It's Supposed To Be Wet & Gloomy In Montreal All Next Week Except For One Glorious Day

Moving Day is expected to be cloudy with periods of rain.

Wash your sweatpants, crack open a new book and review your Netflix binge bucket list. Why? Because, according to Environment Canada, Montreal is going to be rainy. Really rainy. For at least the next week.  

Alternatively, you could also just grab an umbrella before you head out.

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From June 26 until July 2, it's supposed to rain almost every day except two: Sunday and Tuesday. 

It's also expected to be mainly cloudy every day except one: Tuesday. Oh, sweet glorious Tuesday. Environment Canada predicts it will be sunny with a high of 28 degrees. 

That means we're in for a cloudy July 1 "Moving Day" with a 60% chance of showers. According to the forecast, it'll be a high of 25 degrees and a low of 17 degrees that day with "periods of rain."

Temperatures over the next week are predicted to range from highs of 24 to 31 degrees. 

It's well known that Montreal weather can change on a dime, but if you want to make outdoor plans, it looks like Tuesday is currently your safest bet.

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