Get Your Umbrellas Out — It's Supposed To Rain A LOT This Week

One minute there's not one cloud in the sky, next thing you know, it's as grey as can be. Montreal weather is truly just full of surprises.

We may have been fooled into thinking summer was here for a quick second a few weeks ago, but The Weather Network's forecast for this week proves that it is most definitely still spring.

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The Weather Network

Because what happens in spring in Montreal? Rain, lots of rain. And that's exactly what the majority of the next seven days are looking like they'll be full of.

If you don't yet own an umbrella, it seems like a good time to invest in one, especially with the 10-15 mm of rain that's expected to drop on the city on Friday.

But, at least it's forecasted to be sunny out on Tuesday — try to make the most of it!