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Montreal 'Will Have A Third Wave' Of COVID-19

It's coming, says Dr. Drouin. The question is when.
Montreal 'Will Have A Third Wave' Of COVID-19

According to Regional Public Health Director Dr. Mylène Drouin, a third wave of COVID-19 infections in Montreal is definite.

"We will have a third wave," Drouin said at a Wednesday press conference. "But of course if vaccination is there and we are able to push back this third wave, I think we can have less effect on hospitalizations and deaths." 

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"We are seeing what is happening in Ontario, so I think we have to do those efforts to be more prepared and reduce the impact of a third wave."

The public health director called March "the month of the suppression of the variant." 

Montreal and the surrounding regions remain in the red zone while much of Quebec is orange and three regions are poised to enter the yellow.

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