A Montrealer Was Named Italy's 'Female Chef Of The Year'

She worked at a Pointe-Claire restaurant as a teenager.
A Montrealer Was Named Italy's 'Female Chef Of The Year'

A chef raised on Montreal Island was named the 'Top Female Chef' in Italy by Le Guide de L'Espresso. CBC/Radio-Canada was the first to report this story in Canada.

Jessica Rosval, who told the Italian publication la Repubblica that she worked at Pointe-Claire's Scarolies Pasta Emporium as a teenager, was recognized for her work at the restaurant Francescana at the Casa Maria Luigia hotel in the city of Modena.

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In an Instagram post, Rosval wrote that "this prize is not just mine. A chef isn’t anybody and doesn’t do anything without a team!!" 

The Casa Maria Luigia also took to Instagram to praise its award-winning chef.

"We are happy that our family keeps growing and to witness that growth day after day, success after success," the hotel wrote.